Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Welcome back, Jessyz!

Is the Easter Bunny visiting your house? What kind of treats do you hope to get?
We don't celebrate Easter, but I still like bunnies and cutely colored eggs.

What is your favourite springtime flower?
I definitely love Jasmines, after all I was named after them because my dad had a jasmine tree in their garden when he was growing up, I also love Calla Lillies, Azaleas and Alliums

Coffee or tea, and what kind is your favourite?
Coffee all the way.

What is your most exciting project this month?
I am working on the world's most color uncoordinated blanket. I have lots of leftover DK weight yarn and want to use it all up in an attempt to create more space for new yarn. But I am guessing it will take much longer than a month.