Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blogs I Follow, Part 2

I am so happy right now! It was a seemingly small task, but it got harder and harder as time went on. I kept adding blogs, and obviously the ones I had initially kept updating.
I did manage to get just over half of the blanket done since I started catching up.
I have been quite productive since I moved my laptop into the basement. My wireless isn't working right (not sure if it's the computer or the internet itself) and the only available plug in is in the basement. It is a little chilly down here, but over all, its not too bad.

Tomorrow is the cookie party at Samantha's, and I will come home with pictures! Not sure what I'm going to bring with me. The scarves I've recently finished are a must, probably some dishcloths and maybe a couple blankets.


  1. Sew all the ugly scarves together to use as a blanket when you surf the internet in the basement! It'll keep you warm and get some use out of those unsold unlovelies.