Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Seed stitch love!

I went digging through my ever expanding stash a couple nights ago to find something to make a boyish scarf. I found one skein of Wool Ease Thick & Quick in Goldenrod. I sort of remember when I purchased this yarn, actually. I went to Michael's with my mom a few years back to get some picture frames for new prints we had in the living room, and I wandered over to the yarn section. There was a HUGE bin of discontinued colours from a bunch of different brands marked down from up to $10 to as low as 50 cents. I got about 3 skeins of this same brand of yarn in different colours for a dollar each.
Looking back, I wish I would have bought all of it, the T&Q at least. I love this stuff. Knits up super quick, and is super warm.

I'm doing this scarf on 10 mm needles, 13 stitches wide in Seed Stitch.
I love and hate seed stitch. I love to knit while watching TV, or reading blogs or basically, anything but watching what I'm knitting. When I have to switch between knit and purl after Every. Darn. Stitch. I tend to screw up. Which leads to swearing and throwing and frogging.
But I do love how squishy it is when it's done!

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