Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Yesterday's meme was a sorry excuse for an update. I worked a really odd shift, and I didn't feel like knitting much once I got home.
BUT! I did figure out how much knitting I've done since the beginning of the month.
These numbers are all approximate, cause I'm counting rows and not individual stitches.
blanket: 12000
dishcloths: 4000 (I'm saying each one is 2000 stitches. I calculated it, and it's somewhere around there)
scarf: yellow-3232
For a grand total of.....
19232 stitches!
I know I said I had more done in my twitter update, but I sort of miscalculated...
I will check my word count later on today, if I remember to do so.
I am also starting on an other Homespun scarf. It's olive green this time.

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  1. oh no odd shifts are no fun, it's always hard to get your body back in sync! forget about the mind! haha. I used to work 3rd shift back in the day at a resort and it was tough!