Monday, November 3, 2008

A dishcloth

I just finished an other dishcloth. The colour of this one is awesome! It's called Creamsicle, from Bernat Handicrafter. It's mostly white, with some really neat orange and yellow mixed in. I don't know how many I will sell at my craft show, seeing as it's kind of a Christmas show. But hey, maybe it matches someone's kitchen colours.
So far today, I've knit 4 rows on the blanket. I'm already halfway through my daily quota! I'm going to try to play catch up with the rows I missed since the first of the month. I happened to tie on the last skein on the November 1st, so I have a nice marker to show how much I've knit so far! How convenient!
I've been posting quite a bit on the Etsy forums lately. I've found quite a few new blogs to follow, and I know I've gotten at least 2 followers that found me through there.
An other challenge for the end of the month? Have 25 unique followers between the two blogs. That would be cool. That challenge isn't a priority, though. If it happens, sweet, if no, no big deal!

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  1. good luck on all your goals! I find setting goals clearly gives me something to work towards every month :)