Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Craft Show Preparation

Eleven days until the craft show! I am getting excited and anxious, because it is my only show this season.
I have chosen to only do one show this year because of work restrictions. I am required to work 4 out of 5 Saturdays as well as Sundays. The Saturday and Sunday I choose to take off cannot be on the same weekend. (I know, right?) This greatly reduces the number of weekends I had available to actually DO the shows.
The show I am doing is on Sunday November the 30th, at the Knights of Columbus hall, in Amherstberg, Ontario. The reason I chose this one is because the K of C has helped my family in the past, and I would like to return the favour.
There were other local shows I could have participated in. Some of which had more press coverage. And by press coverage, I mean they had small ads placed in the classified section of the newspaper.

I have wondered before what makes a "successful" craft show.
For myself, it is mainly the income.
This is how I figure out how much I would like to make at any given show. This is my take on what several other people have posted.
My costs
-My mom is awesome and drives me to and from my shows, so transportation is eliminated.
-Food-I buy lunch for my Mom and I while we're out at the show. This, as well as a mid day Tim Horton's run totals to around $15
-Purchases from other crafters-I try to spend under $20 at any given show. Since the holidays are coming up, I may spend more. Also, I heard there are 2 baked goods tables at the show this year.
-Taking a day off work- I break it down like this
Usual Sunday shift: 6 hours
Sunday pay: $8.95 an hour
6 hours * $8.95= $53.70

This means I have to make $88.70 just to cover my costs of that day. I would obviously like to actually make money, so I do have to pull a profit.

If I say I am making 50% profit on all my items (I am not, considering the time it takes and such), to break even I would have to sell at least $177.40.
This would work out to 9 scarves, 36 sets of dish cloths, 4 baby blankets or any such combination.

At larger shows, many would say that this is EASY. But I'm at a small town show. A small town show that is mostly populated by people who work(ed) in the failing auto sector.
If I could break even at this show, and have at least 10 people visit my blog from the show, I would be happy as a clam. If I could make $200 at this show, I would be ecstatic.

Because of all of this, I am knitting my little fingers off. If I hope to make as much as I do, I would need to have at least DOUBLE the amount available to be sold. This means 18 scarves, 72 sets of dishcloths, and 8 baby blankets. I am no where near this, but I do hope to get at least 20 scarves and 8 blankets made.

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