Sunday, November 2, 2008

Daily updates?

I think I'm going to try to update this blog, and the other one, every day this month. My craft show is on November the 30th. I'm trying to get at least 10 dishcloth sets ready for then. Also, I want to finish Rachel's blanket by the first week of December.
My updates might be as simple as posting how many cloths I finished that day, or how many rows on the blankets, but I need some sort of motivation.
It's also NaNoWriMo (google it), which I am not taking part it formally, but it would be cool if all my blog posts this month added up to 50 000 words. Or if I could knit 50 000 stitches in a month.
*gets inspired*
Fifty thousand stitches in a month is doable. Each row on the blanket is 200 stitches, if I remember correctly. That comes out to 250 rows. I'm SURE I've done close to that on this blanket....
I'm currently trying to calculate the number of stitches in a dishcloth, but my math is broken. I KNOW there is a way to calculate 1+2+3+4...+45 without punching it all into the calculator. I don't even think that would be precise, but it would be pretty darn close.
Does anyone know of the formula I need?
Either way, 50 000 stitches in a month works out to 1,667 stitches a day, which is 8.3 rows of the blanket A DAY! When I knit for a while, I easily do 15 rows a day, usually more.
I think NaKnitMo is ON!
Anyone else with me? I'm starting a couple days late, but hey, I'm a procrastinator!
Added later: I updated the other blog, and I have a challenge for myself! I need all the encouraging words you followers can muster!

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  1. Very inspiring. My 14 yr. old son signed up for the novel writing challenge. I think he's in over his head at 50k words, but we'll see!