Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A cool new site!

I was reading my blog list this morning, and an entry in one of my favourite blogs came up.
I love reading Michelles Charm World. She makes the cutest stuff! Her entries are well written, and even though it's not my preferred type of crafting, I LOVE reading it! I think she's turning me over to the plastic side more and more!Anyway, she posted a new site called Own The Hour. Basically, you pay ONE DOLLAR for one hour of advertising. I guess or one hour, that is a little much, compared to Project Wonderful, where I sell my ad space for usually under 20 cents a day.
The way I see it, one dollar is nothing. Skip the donut with your Timmy's tomorrow morning, if you're worried about it.
If you got one or 2 sales from that one dollar, it was probably worth it.
Of course, I don't yet have an Etsy shop. But this is one of those sites that needs to be promoted before it can actually do what it's supposed to do!


  1. I love that! "Own the Hour" is so catchy, too!

  2. I saw people twittering about this site yesterday! The graphics are nice and clean, I hope it takes off!

  3. Thanks for loving my blog and this great post! We do need to get the word out!

    Plastic will take over the world ;) hahah