Sunday, November 9, 2008

Missed a day!

Sorry I missed yesterday! I was out and about from 8 am until midnight!
I left early to run some errands with mom. We had planned to go to some craft shows, but she assumed since a show was on Sunday, it would have been Saturday as well. (wrong)
We did go to Zellers and I picked up some more dishcloth cotton. Two of the large skeins of Bernat. I'll post the colours when I start using them.
On the topic of dishcloths, I saw some at the ONE craft show we did go to. They were priced at $3 each. I'm thinking 2 for $5 is reasonable. (Thank you for the input, Barbra!)

I'm definitely finishing that blanket very soon. It is almost the size I wanted it to be, and I know once it's off the needle, it will stretch out a bit. Right? It's acrylic...

What does "killing acrylic" mean? I know it involves an iron, but what does it DO exactly? Does anyone know?

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