Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blogs I Follow

Google Reader is either the best or worst thing ever invented.
Through Blogger Following, I follow just over 100 blogs. Seventy five or so are yarn related in some way. About 10 are people blogging about their day to day. The rest are craft, money or blog related.
Since "the weekend I forgot about the internet" AKA was super busy, I have had at least 50 entries lined up to read. Tonight, this number sits at 80. I am hoping to get it to 40 or lower before I go to bed.
How many blogs do you follow?
I am still working on the Homespun baby blanket. It's around 95 stitches wide, and I'm almost through one skein. I'm thinking 100 stitches would be a nice number to end off on.


  1. i follow 36 blogs using google reader. i love this site a lot. i was trying to follow a ton of blogs on my old computer, but they would all get lost in my Firefox's Favourites, so i would always miss things.
    out of the blogs i follow, around 5 are just every day moms, but a few also make things, and the rest are either craft, yarn, design or nerd related :)

  2. I started with Google Reader a bit more than a year ago. Whenever there was a blog post in the forums on Etsy I collected blogs to read. I have several hundred now. When the follower widget came out I tried to follow all my blogspot blogs and found out you can only follow 200. I don't respond to all these and thank goodness they don't all write every day but I do scan them for things that interest me like your post here or new shops to discover.