Thursday, March 29, 2012

Awesome Thursday: March 29, 2012

Finally! All moved in, and I can get back to blogging! These are the awesome things going on lately:

  • We're done moving! That's the biggest relief. We still have a lot of unpacking to do, but no more back and forth from Windsor.
  • I had a small sale on my flower earrings yesterday that went well.
  • We went out for sushi last night, and it was pretty tasty.
  • I received some supplies in the mail that I ordered a while ago, and made a bunch of earrings already.
  • I ordered findings for about 700 more pairs of earrings. I'm running low right now, so I figured I should order them sooner rather than later.
  • Blogger has a new layout that is slightly confusing, but looks really good!
Life is good! How are all of you, dear readers? I've missed you!


  1. Following you from the Finding New Friends hop! Great blog! I hope you will stop by Swanky Baby and follow or like us too! Have a good day!

  2. Glad you got all moved in!
    Congrats on the earring sale :)