Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March Sponsor Round Up

I'd like to thank these fine ladies for sponsoring Knit, Nicole, Knit! this month.

A Bird In The Hand Art
I have been crafting for most of my life. I love learning new techniques. I usually let the inspiration guide the technique rather than vice-versa. I have a background in biology, specifically animal behavior, and I have been inspired by the beauty of various bird species.  When I am not crafting, I enjoy reading and baking, as well as spending time with my wonderful husband and orange tabby Milo (he likes to try and help with my crafts by chewing on things-the cat, not my husband).
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The artist behind N. Fallon Design Studio is Nancy: a knitter, blogger, newlywed, and cat mom of 2.  The shop houses a whimsical line of knit purses, wallets, and knitwear.  She also dabbles in watercolors, mixed media sculpture, and poetry. You can read more about her life and work on her blog One Loopy Knitter.

Chocolate Mints In A Jar
I have always been a maker of 'stuff'.  Even as a kid I was interested in Origami, friendship bracelets, macrame, perler (Hama) beads and anything else I could make or create.  And then life took over for a while and I had a career as a software engineer so I barely made anything but when I stayed home to take care of my then new born daughter I started looking for things to do again.  I somehow found myself crocheting, then knitting then purchased a sewing machine.  I started making up my own patterns and with a little encouragement from ravelry buddies I started offering the patterns for free then for sale.  I love simple designs that look more complicated than they really are.
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Ever since I was little, I have been drawn to trees and nature. I have always felt the need to represent that in my art. Making art brings me back to a childhood of climbing trees, digging in dirt, and building Fairy Houses from stones and twigs. This is something I try to convey in each piece, an individual, unique childlike wonderment.

Making art is magical,  each brushstroke is a way down the rabbit hole, each pencil, the key to a secret garden. Transforming a blank piece of paper into a beautiful story is like finding Neverland. 

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Minimalist Knitter
She Makes Hats is where Robyn (that's me!) shares her journey towards making 10,000 hats for 10,000 people!

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