Thursday, March 1, 2012

One Quarter of My Stash

On my last post, Holly asked to see a photo of my stash. This is the closest I can get right now, because my stash is in three places. Here are four of the eight bins I have right now. I have four more bins full, as well as three 5-drawer rolling carts full, and a half dozen cardboard boxes full. This doesn't include the bin of knitted items, or the reusable grocery bag full of yarn I have been carrying around with me, back and forth between our place and Rick's parents.
I have all this yarn, and I always want more! Any time I get a Michael's email, I think that means I should go stock up on yarn again.
Now, dear readers, you need to post photos of your stash!
PS. You can find me on Instagram with the name knitnicoleknit.


  1. One reason that I'm glad that most of my crafting stash is beads is that they are small! I vow never to have enough beads to take up that much room. That doesn't mean I don't have a fairly sizable stash, though. :) Stash pictures are a great idea.

    1. Once we're all moved, I'll take a photo of the WHOLE stash. I haven't done this in... ever, I think. It's going to be a huge shocker.

  2. Oooh awesome! & thanks! :) I'll have to take some photos of mine!

  3. I had to buy the really big containers from Walmart, and I still have yarn all over the place... I hate to leave my stuff in boxes, because I tend to forget what I have! I'll have to take some pics ;)