Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hello, Lauren!

March brings us yet another new sponsor! Meet Lauren, of Whimsical Warmth!

Tell us about yourself!
My name is Lauren and I'm the creator/owner of Whimsical Warmth. I mostly create hats for young children but I also have a line of scarves. I moved around quite a bit as a child but I call Windsor, Ontario home. I have a wonderful supportive husband who is always willing to help out in any way he can, and a energetic boston terrier who is always keeping me on my toes.

How did you start hand making?
About a year ago, I decided to teach myself how to knit using Youtube videos. I made a list of things I wanted to do in my life and learn to knit happened to be on it. My first project was a scarf that took me approximately 30 hours to do. It was straight garter stitch because that was the only thing I knew how to do at the time (and today). It felt like forever so I decided to switch over to crochet and taught myself that as well. I like to see results quickly and found that crochet worked up much faster. I also found it to be extremely relaxing and was making up to 3 hats a day. My next goal is to learn how to sew.

What do you do other than create?
I'm a bit of a nerd. I'm a total tv fangirl. I try to watch as much as I can and as many different genres. Right now I'm watching Ugly Betty. I can't believe I didn't watch it while it was on the air. I also read a lot of non-fiction. Mostly biographies.

What does your workspace look like?
I keep my hooks and needles in a black and white case. All my yarn and patterns are stored on my shelf in the office.
I'm so jealous of your organization, Lauren!
What is your most indispensable tool, that you would be completely lost without?
My I steel crochet hook. I could find something else to substitute for yarn but I'd be lost without my favourite hook.

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  1. What an adorable model :) And I'm jealous of her organization as well!