Sunday, March 4, 2012

Welcome Back, Jessyz!

Our second sponsor for the month is Jessyz, from Chocolate Mints In A Jar.
What are your three favourite etsy shops, besides your own?
I have yet to buy from these shops but I have definitely been eyeing their stuff recently and hope to purchase some stuff soon:
Yevgenia Because they have the prettiest painted porcelain travel mugs
JL Yarnworks Because the stitch markers are so cute
Martilena: Really practical camera bag inserts
What is your favourite green treat to consume on St. Patrick's Day?
Peppermint candy :-)
What are you most looking forward to with the start of spring?
Flowers and nice weather. It has been a really cold winter for Kuwait this year, not that I am complaining, I'll take the cold over a hot summer any day.

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