Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Heartsy Orders Are Out Part 1

Well, the hullabaloo of my Heartsy deal is over! And I have to say, it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. A couple of the deals I have bought in the past have sold out in just a couple hours, and the shops they were for had such depleted stock, that I had to wait to order. I was expecting something similar for my shop, but that just wasn't the case.
One of the problems I think I had was that I couldn't change my photos on Heartsy. Since I applied, I have added a few things to my stock, most importantly the flower earrings, which are currently a pretty big seller on Etsy. I'm sure if people could see those on Heartsy, they would have been more likely to click over to my shop, and potentially purchase the voucher. Also, Hearsy announced they are closing at the end of this month. Huge sad face when I found that out! Hopefully, they, or another company, can come back with a better business plan and succeed!
Oh, well. Not much to be done now. I am very thankful for the sales I did make. I shipped them out yesterday morning, and the girl at the post office counter was so incredibly happy that I had all my customs forms filled out. The other girl that is usually there when I go showed me how to do them so I could do it at home, and not hold up the potential line at the counter.
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  1. Wow- congrats! I bet that feels so great to have made that many sales. Too bad heartsy is going out of business though.